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Our team has over a decade of combined experience working on signature gathering and persuasion campaigns for candidates, developers, and grassroots movements seeking community support. 

We know every voter is different. Whether it is a city, county, or state race, we can identify innovative solutions to help you meet your campaign goals. 

Between campaign management, communications, and fieldwork, we have worked on over 40 campaigns interacting with rural communities, urban neighborhoods, and other diverse populations.



Campaign Communications Director

Gabby has worked in local, state, and national politics for nearly a decade.




Hayden has worked and volunteered on a

variety of state, local, and federal campaigns.



Gathering signatures for local, county, and statewide races to ensure ballot qualification. 


Persuading voters to get out the vote and support you through conversations at the door and on the phone. 


Organizing your volunteers to increase efficiency and save you money on the campaign trail. 

"When it comes to winning referendum or initiative campaigns, you need a strong field team who is tactical, reliable, and dedicated. ITF has consistently demonstrated their ability to sway voters, and they have gone above and beyond to be communicative with clients and deliver on campaign goals- even in the toughest of races. We have never lost a campaign working with ITF, and any candidate, community, or organization facing a tough neighborhood issue would be foolish not to hire them because of their track record of excellence."

-Renae Cowley, Partner, Foxley and Pignanelli


Take your business, nonprofit, or campaign to the next level. 

Tel: 801-915-7226

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 12pm - 4pm

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