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Gabby Saunders has been involved in local, state and national politics for nearly a decade. She is responsible for the success of numerous lobbying, grassroots and community outreach initiatives and programs. She holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Maryville University. 

Gabby started her lobbying career fundraising and advocating for victims of domestic violence where she saw great success. To further pursue a career in politics, she interned for Representative Raymond Ward in 2018, landing her an opportunity to work with Spencer Stokes at Election Hive during its inaugural year. Gabby then went on to work with Renae Cowley and Foxley and Pignanelli on a slew of city and state election campaigns, as well as multiple referendums. 

However, Gabby's biggest claim to fame is the grassroots communications and volunteer movement she developed for prop 2 (Medical Cannabis), in which her team was responsible for approximately 40% of the signatures gathered for the initiative.


Gabby has worked on well over 30 political campaigns for both Democrats and Republicans, 13 of which she had management and leadership roles with a track record of 13/15. Additionally, she has become quite the skilled lobbyist, ensuring the defeat and passage of eight legislative priorities for her clients in the last three years. 



Hayden has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Utah. Being involved in politics and service has always been a no-brainer for Hayden as his grandpa, Tony Mitchell, has always been a strong example of what it means to be a leader in local politics. 


Hayden started his career in international advocacy. At a young age, he began working for the Harvest Africa Children’s Foundation (AVF), a nonprofit that focuses on bringing feminine hygiene products to underserved communities. Through his service with AVF, Hayden learned the ropes of fundraising and team coordination.

In 2020, Hayden became one of the managers and the head trainer for the Census’ Salt Lake Headquarters. Hayden was responsible for remotely managing over 100 individuals. Even with the new challenges presented by COVID 19, Hayden had the top performing office in Utah. 


Hayden has worked and volunteered on a variety of state, local and federal campaigns ranging form candidates to referendums. His gift for team management has allowed even the toughest campaigns to be successful.


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